Week 4 May 2003: Only 10 mm rainfall this month. In April we had over 100 mm.
This week we had our first frost for the year. No damage to the garden. As we are perched on top of a hill, most of the cold air moves downhill away from the garden. The plants are also protected because we plant very densely (see D & D).
We had an interesting visit to the University’s Herbarium. Saw a number of rather splendid new daisies that have been discovered on the Northern Tablelands. They have great horticultural potential and are similar in appearance to “Dargan Hill Monarch”. We also walked around the Botany Department gardens. The gardens were established nearly 30 years ago and are being renovated. Lots of rare local species have been planted with more to come.
All our garden beds are mulched. Originally we used sawdust but this became hard to acquire so we started to use semi-composted chipped green waste. After the drought broke there has been a proliferation of weeds and we have noticed that the green waste does not inhibit weed growth as much as a dense carpet of sawdust. We heard that a sawmill in the vicinity has gone back into full production after being idle for some time. They are up to their armpits in sawdust so we ordered a large quantity. We are now the proud owners of two semi-trailer loads so now we are the ones up to our armpits in this excellent mulch.
Found a Burrowing Frog in some mulch we were moving. These large frogs fill up with water and burrow into the ground during dry times. They are supposed to reappear when it rains. This individual didn’t realise that the drought had broken. After posing for photographs, the frog was released into one of our ponds. An item on Burrowing Frogs will appear, in the near future, in our Wildlife section.
Guyra Garden Club visited Yallaroo this week. We had another enjoyable day with enthusiastic gardeners. One member sent us an interesting poem extolling Eremophilas (Emu Bushes). We now have between 200 to 300 people visiting Yallaroo every year.
This week our daughter and two grand daughters visited for a few days. They recently returned from the United Kingdom.  Very little gardening was undertaken this week.

Garden Diary