Week 4 March 2016: Rain = 15 millimetres helped to freshen the garden but like everywhere else much more is needed.

This week we planted a banana passionfruit in a bottomless pot in our plastic house where we house our tubed plants. We already have an ordinary passionfruit in another pot in the plastic house. There is also an ordinary passionfruit growing on our front verandah. This vine is holding over 20 developing fruit.

A lot of potting on was undertaken this week. We potted on seedlings of Acacia colletioides, A. covenyi, Allocasuarina grampiana and Hakea petiolaris. Rooted cuttings were also potted on including Grevillea Ivanhoe, Boronia denticulata, Melaleuca steedmanii and Prostanthera aspalathoides.

Digging holes and planting continued with 24 plants going into a garden.

On our shopping day we visited Bunnings and purchased 30 metre hose and two sets of ear muffs. These will be used, in the near future, for ear protection when we are cutting firewood with our chainsaw.

Good news this week. We drove passed the Armidale ALDI store that is under construction. There is a big sign out the front announcing that the store will open on the 13th of April. This will change our shopping habits.

Wildlife observations: We dug up a Mole Cricket in one of our vegetable beds. These subterranean insects are heard early in summer evenings. They live in underground burrows. The small flock of White-naped Honeyeaters spent time this week using our birdbaths. A Pied Butcherbird was another bather. Because of their size this bird managed to splash out a fair bit of water.


Garden Diary