Week 4 March 2015: Rain = 7.5 millimetres

After our travels we arrived home early in the week. Everything in the garden was fine and the plants in our plastic house and propagating unit survived. Some time was spent watering both the plants in tubes and the new garden plantings.

Our tomato plants were carrying plenty of ripe fruit and we picked 1.8 Kg of Tommy Toes and Yellow Pear tomatoes.

We spent an afternoon watching the semi-final of the cricket between Australia and India. Australia won. Later in the week we watched the final between Australia and New Zealand. Australia won again.

We potted on some plants from tubes to larger pots for our daughter including Callitris enderlicheri and Banksia ericifolia. We also took cuttings of all the plants purchased when we were away.

On our shopping day we drove past the ALDI store site east of Armidale CBD. Plenty of machines working on ground preparation. We are looking forward to this new addition to our shopping excursions. ALDI will give the big two supermarkets a run for their money.

We cleared regrowth from around our entrance and letter box. The entrance was getting a trifle hard to see.

Potting on continued with stuck cuttings of Correa lawrenciana, Podocarpus, Grevillea mollis, Myoporum bateae and Homoranthus prolixus finding homes in tubes. We also found time to plant 15 plants in our North Garden.

We weeded and dug over one of our vegetable beds ready for autumn planting of broad beans and snow peas.

Wildlife observations: Scrub Wrens had built a nest in a pot near our back door when we were away. We picked off about ten Orchard Swallowtail caterpillars from one of our citrus plants. They were relocated to our bush lemon tree that we use as a refuge for these caterpillars. A large flock of Double-barred Finches spent some time on the mown area near our shed feeding on grass seeds. A number of Rufous Whistlers were observed in a large stringybark near our vegetable area. There was also a large flock of Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes that congregated in the large Eucalyptus albens, north of the house. We usually only see these birds in pairs.


Garden Diary