Week 4 March 2014: Rain = 89 millimetres. The monthly total = 105 millimetres, March average = 67 millimetres.  This was marvellous rain that filled our house tank to overflowing plus some run off into our dams.

During breaks in the rain we managed to pot on rotted cuttings including Grevillea evansiana, G. miqueliana, Veronica (Derwentia) species, Prostanthera ovalifolia and Westringia species.

We also planted 34 tubes in our northern garden.

Our wildlife sightings this week: a Wedged-tailed Eagle sat in one of our old dead trees one afternoon. Our Brown Quails are spending a lot of time feeding on our mown area near our north-facing deck. This week the local flock of White-eared Choughs visited areas near the house three times. There was also some amphibian activity in one of our ponds. There were three rafts of frog spawn and three frogs on the side of the pond. There were two Burrowing Frogs mating (hence the frog spawn). There was also a solitary Spotted Grass (or Marsh) Frog. We have recorded about six frog species in and around our ponds.

We had a visit from a family group from Inverell, north-west of Yallaroo, one afternoon. Their boys are very interested in native plant propagation and are very good at plant identification.

This week we purchased a 2GB external hard drive. This hard drive has built in software that automatically backups files.


Garden Diary