Week 4 March 2013: No rain again this week

Happy Easter to our readers

Family members visited Yallaroo over Easter. An enjoyable time was had by all. One day was spent sampling the retail delights of Armidale’s CBD. We also made two visits to the old Yarrowyck crossing on the Gwydir River, west of Yallaroo. There were plenty of granite boulders to climb and small rocks and sand that were used to build dams across the running water.

Also during this week we set up two yabby traps (bought last week), baited with chicken bones, in our big dam. The traps were set one afternoon and next morning 15 yabbies were found breakfasting on the chicken bones. We showed them to our visitors and then released them back into the dam. There was not enough to provide a meal for our visitors. After Easter, when there are only two of us, we will try our yabby-catching luck again with a view to eating the catch.

Early in the week we managed to plant 15 plants and pot on struck cuttings of Grevillea iascapula.  One morning we used the ride on mower to mow both around our road and the large open area, north of the house.

Callistemon kenmorrisonii, a rare bottlebrush from Victoria, is in full flower. A number of our bottlebrushes have decided to flower out of season.


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