Week 4 March 2012: No rain this week. Unfortunately the Northern Tablelands missed out on the rains that drenched southern New South Wales. Our garden is a trifle dry and some of our Prostantheras (Mint bushes) are wilting.

We started the brush cutter one day this week and chopped down the dense growth along our road. After brush cutting we then used the ride-on to mow this cut area. On new areas we prefer to brush cut first as this shows up any rocks that could damage the mower.

We have a large meat ant nest on the edge of our road, north of the house. When we brush cut near the nest we found two feral grevilleas. Grevillea seeds have a fleshy ring that ants seem to eat. They gather fallen seeds, eat of the fleshy ring and abandon the seed. This would explain the two grevilleas near the nest. We will nurture these plants. They are probably hybrids and who knows what will be the colour of their flowers.

We have a rocky area, also north of the house, between our large mown area and the road. This week we also attacked this area with the brush cutter to reveal any hidden rocks. The cut area was sprayed with glyphosate and when the vegetation dies we will be able to see where we will be able to mow. Any places with large, immovable rocks will become another garden bed.

This week we made up some new propagating mix. Our older mix has been sterilised, in our microwave, many times so we decided to incorporate the old material in our tube potting mix. The new mix is composed of one part sieved sand and one part coco peat.

Some time was spent watering our new plantings with our grey water supply. The grey water has proved to be a boon when establishing plants. We also dug some holes ready for more planting.

We have four passionfruit plants ready for planting. This week we planted one against our water tank. Hopefully, in the fullness of time, we will be harvesting heaps of passionfruit.

A church group came to visit the garden towards the end of the week. A very pleasant time was had by all.

We have been investigating the feasibility of receiving wireless broadband via the National Broadband Network (NBN). We are not sure whether we will have access to the service. Our satellite service works well but wireless offers a greater data quota at the same price as we pay at present. We have to phone the NBN help line to see if Yallaroo will be able to access the service.


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