Week 4 March 2011:  No rain this week.

Planting total this week = 61. Total planting in March = 134

Weeds were starting to appear around some of our newer plantings so this week we spot sprayed with glyphosate. We should only have to spray a few times for weed control. Once our dense plantings develop the weeds are choked out. We also mulched new plants and dug holes for more plants.

This week Prostanthera Ragged Robin, Eremophila debilis, Hakea ochroptera and Acacia dawsonii cuttings and seedlings were potted on.

We spent some time on the mower and mowed around our circular drive. Hopefully this will be the last mow until spring.

A few weeks ago we planted a number of cucurbit seeds together with our new plants. There was a high germination percentage and the plants grew rapidly. This week we picked three different types of zucchini with cucumbers and squash developing. Next spring we will try planting more vegetables with the natives.

 One of our Acacia iteaphylla, Flinders Range Wattle, is in full flower. At the moment there is a paucity of flowers in the garden.

This week we spent a day in Tamworth. One of our few purchases was more fish for our tropical aquarium. We bought the aquarium nearly two years ago and it has been a constant delight. Our aquatic purchases included Guppies, Harlequins and Mollies.


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