Harley.JPG (37391 bytes)Week 4 March 2008: Rain = 11mm

Happy Easter

There were two interesting reptile sightings this week. We saw a Red-bellied Black Snake in one of our ponds. The snake was probably looking for frogs. The second sighting was a Jacky Lizard in one of our gardens. This individual was about 30 centimetres long and is the largest Jacky Lizard we have observed at Yallaroo.

We have a persimmon tree in what we laughingly call our orchard. This tree appeared to expire a few years ago. This was a grafted specimen and after a month of so the plant shot from below the graft. We didnít think the plant would produce worthwhile fruit. This week we picked a couple of ripe persimmons and found, to our delight, that the fruit was delicious. We will look after the tree in future.

After church on Easter Sunday we drove to a park in Uralla where there was a vintage and antique vehicle rally. There were some beautiful cars and an interesting 1924 Harley Davidson motor bike (see image).

In the afternoon we showed the garden to visitors from Armidale and the North Coast. An enjoyable two hours was spent by all.

Because of the lack of rain we spent some time watering our newer garden beds. This is where our grey water tank is an asset.

Our son visited Canberra over Easter and found, during a visit to the Yarralumla nursery, lots of Eucalypts at $2/tube. He immediately thought of his parents and rang to tell us the species available. We are going to finish up with over eight species with a total of 30 tubes.

We brush cut an area in our new garden area. This will be called the Triangle Garden (see last week). This new garden will accommodate a large number of plants including the Eucalypts from Canberra.

We potted on some struck cuttings this week including the rare Asterolasia from near Tamworth.

This week we found that the catalogue of the Armidale Memorial Library is on line. This means that we will be able to check on the availability of authors and titles in the comfort of home.

One of our birdbaths is still proving popular with the birds that live in and around Yallaroo. One day this week these honeyeaters visited the birdbath: White-naped, Brown-headed, Yellow Faced and White-eared.


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