Week 4 March 2005: Rain = 2.5mm
This week we mowed around the house. The grass is very dry and there should be no more mowing until spring.
We planted a number of Eucalypts in one of our gardens, some distance from the house. As per usual we planted a couple of Eucalypts in each hole. These trees will eventually develop into mallees (small trees with multiple trunks).
We have a number of birdbaths scattered throughout our gardens. One is very popular with local birds. This birdbath is situated under a number of shrubs and in the late afternoon up to a dozen birds, of various species, avail themselves of the facilities.
We had a report of the sighting of a Turquoise Parrot, east of Yallaroo, this week. This is a rare parrot and we were happy to hear that it is in the area. We will be keeping a lookout to see if this colourful parrot visits Yallaroo.
We have trouble with rabbits sometimes digging in our new garden beds. Spreading blood and bone deters their activities but needs to be replaced after watering. We noticed that they stay away from mature beds where ground covers have developed. On our new garden beds we spread pieces of Cassinia as substitute ground cover. This seems to work and the rabbits donít dig amongst the Cassinia.
We have started sowing Eucalypt seeds in 50 cm thumb pots using a 50/50 mix of coco peat and sand. The thumb pots do not take up much room and we donít need many seedlings of each species.
Watering some plants with potash has been another activity this week. We previously treated a non-flowering Grevillea Pink Surprise with potash and within a couple of months the plant was carrying many blooms. We are treating a six year old Hakea drupacea (syn Hakea suaveolens) to see if potash will initiate flowering. We have three specimens of the same age. It will be interesting to see if the treated plant flowers before the others.

Garden Diary