Week 4 March 2004: Rain this week= 4mm.
A friend brought some red flowering Callistemon cutting material. This Callistemon (or Bottlebrush) came from an area west of Armidale and may be a new species. Hopefully the cuttings will strike.
This week we placed some more large rocks in our Correa Garden. Eventually this garden will accommodate 90 Correas plus other natives. Over 180 plants will find a home in this bed.
We are growing a few South African Proteas in one of our gardens. They combine well with their Australian relatives, the Banksias, Grevillea and Hakeas. This week we had a cultivar known as “Pink Ice” burst into bloom. Florists favour the eye-catching pink flower heads.
One section of our Lawn Garden is finished. This bed contains the usual mix of homegrown natives. Eucalypts, Grevilleas, Hakeas and Goodenias are some of the plants in this section.
This week we had a visit from people who are establishing a Community Nursery at Quirindi. This is a town situated south of Tamworth. A number of centres are establishing non-profit nurseries. They play an important role in supplying plants for Landcare projects and private property owners. We are always happy to help these dedicated people.
Spent some time printing photos or our grandchildren. They will be used to make up photo albums for our daughters and their families. Digital cameras are one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread. Our camera is used constantly for family photos and images of plants, wildlife, scenery etc.

Garden Diary