Week 4 March 2003: 20mm in the rain gauge. The consistent rain is very beneficial to the garden. It is maintaining the soil moisture and also keeping our domestic tank full to overflowing.
We spoke to the Uralla Garden Club this week. About 20 members were present. They are basically exotic plant gardeners and were impressed by the variety of na´ve plants that may be cultivated in high altitude gardens.
Still digging up a section of our Lawn Garden and planting as we go. As per usual we are using a wide range of species and varieties and endeavouring to create a patch of Australian bush using plants from many parts of the continent.
There are lots of tadpoles in one of our ponds. In the near future we are looking forward to an amphibian chorus.
Received some Acacia specimens from a listener to our radio programme. The specimens were Acacia deanei. Acacia deanei is a beautiful local Wattle and at this time of the year is in full flower.
We visited the Armidale Tree Group Nursery this week. This very impressive community nursery is involved in tree planting on farms and the sale of tube stock to local gardeners. We bought 30 tubes including Acacias, Correas, Eremophilas, Eucalypts and Grevilleas. At $2/tube their prices and quality of plants are hard to beat.
We discovered a beautiful informal Correa hedge at the University. About 10 plants are growing in a narrow bed beside a wall. The plants are one metre tall and in full flower. There are about five different varieties in this eye-catching display.
Purchased a new digital camera this week. It is Kodak CX4200 and has close-up and digital facilities. We are still experimenting with the various features and hope to produce some interesting images for our web site.

Garden Diary