Week 4 March and Week 1 April 2002: What a difference a week makes. The weather is cooler and there was 78 mm of rain over this period. Many plants are no longer relaxed and there is water running into our dams.
We are lumping two weeks together this time because our overseas trip starts in the first week of April. This has meant lots of preparation and not a lot of gardening.
Have managed to pot on lots of struck cuttings. These plants will be required when we return, as we will be working on our large Lawn Garden. This garden will soak up heaps of plants. A large frog pond is also planned for this garden.
The first of April was the seventh anniversary of our retirement. Some work colleagues thought that this was an appropriate date.
The rain triggered the development of some mushrooms. They were a welcome addition to our lunch on Easter Sunday.
Well thatís all for the present. Our next diary entry should be in late May when we will report on our impressions of British horticulture.

Garden Diary