Week 4 June 2017:  Rain = 71 millimetres. 63 mm fell over a two day period. Total for month = 96 mm. Monthly average = 61 mm.

This splendid rain will set us up nicely for the spring.

We moved more sheets of iron from our new planting area. This has uncovered more ground ready for planting.

This week we sowed some Hakea purpurea seeds. Our plant had a number of woody fruits from last spring’s flowering. There are plenty of buds on the plant ready to burst open in spring.

Hakea multilineata and H. sericea are in full flower. We potted on struck cuttings of Prostanthera aspalathoides and Hemiandra pungens.

We dug holes in our new area and planted 24 tubes.

Every morning we split a wheelbarrow load of firewood using our log splitter which is saving a lot of time and effort.

This Saturday we did our tri-weekly talkback radio programme. Four calls this time.

Wildlife observations: The pair of Little Grebes is still on our big dam. We flushed out a pair of quail near one of our shrubberies. It is some time since quail visited the garden. A Red-necked Wallaby was feeding near our front verandah one afternoon. She was carrying a joey in her pouch. Finally a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater has taken up residence in the garden again after an absence of a few months.


Garden Diary