Week 4 June 2016: Rain = 118.5 millimetres. This is the rain that fell in June when we were away. This rain has set the garden up nicely for the spring as well as topping up our dams and filling the tank.

The first day of the week we travelled to the Central Coast, north of Sydney to our other daughter’s place where we will be staying for some days.

The next day we visited the Wildflower Place, a native plant nursery on the Cental Coast. A number of plants were purchased including: Grevillea bronwenae, G. nudiflora, Prostanthera cryptandroides, Prostanthera saxicola and Dampiera stricta. These are all species that are new to our collection. It probably goes without saying that cuttings have been taken.

One night our granddaughter cooked a beautiful baked dinner that was the equal of any meal that we had on the cruise.

Before returning home we lunched out in Gosford, picnicked and walked along part of the beautiful waterway that is Brisbane Waters.

On our last day, before returning home, we had a family get together to celebrate a birthday.

Towards the end of the week we drove home. Everything was ok and we were welcomed by the marvellous rain that fell in early June.

We paid a visit to the dentist to have the remnants of a tooth extracted that broke off when we were away.

Our three lemon trees are carrying ripe fruit. Some wattle seeds have germinated and a number of cuttings have produced roots. We potted on seedlings of Paraserianthes lophantha (previously known as Albizzia lophantha).

We also spent some time moving rocks from near our vegetable area in preparation for the erection of an electric fence. Hopefully this will deter the resident macropods that have taken a liking to our produce.

Wildlife observation: Counted a flock of 13 blue wrens near the house one morning.


Garden Diary