Week 4 June 2015: No rain this week.

There was some interesting potting on this week. We were given cutting material of rare Pimelea and Homoranthus species from the Department of the Environment. This week we potted on struck cuttings from both species. We were extremely pleased with the Pimelea result as this species is extremely rare. Also the Botanic Gardens in Sydney have had no success with the Pimelea. We also potted on Craspedia species, Regelia megacephala and Correa Coffin Bay.

Hakea laurina and H. verrucosa are flowering. Many hakeas choose the cooler months to burst into bloom. The large White Box (Eucalyptus albens), north of the house, is flowering profusely.

A relative paid a visit this week. During her stay two birthdays, on the same day, were celebrated.

During the visit we went to the Armidale markets and strange as it may seem we bought some plants. Included in our purchases were Grevillea Bon Accord, G. buxifolia, G. enderlicheri and Melaleuca tortifolia.

This week 12 plants went into the garden north of the house and a number of planting holes were dug. There was a pleasing level of soil moisture in the holes.

This week we did a gardening programme during the week this was as well as our Saturday programme. The usual Thursday presenter was overseas.

Wildlife observations: During our shopping day, in Armidale, we saw a large number of Corellas perched on a power line. We mentioned the White Box flowering. This has attracted raucous flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets and Wattle Birds. The flock of White- eared Choughs returned this week. They spent some time foraging, in the grass, outside our bedroom window. We sighted a Red-necked Wallaby in a planting near our entrance. They are making regular appearances at Yallaroo.


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