Week 4 June 2014:

Still away from home visiting our family and awaiting the arrival of a new grandchild. Early in the week we left our daughter's place in western Sydney and travelled, via the M7 Motorway, to our son's home in the Hills District, northwest Sydney. The Motorway is a fast way to travel, particularly in off peak times, but the toll would be a trifle excessive if you travelled regularly.

Another plant was purchased at a Bunnings store. This time it was Grevillea Bon Accord or Bonfire. This is a beautiful hybrid with fine, light green foliage and clusters of bight red flowers. This will be a colourful addition to our grevillea collection.

We also visited another nursery in the area. We had found information about this nursery on the internet. Unfortunately the actual business did not match its web image but we still managed to find some plants of interest. Included in out purchases were: Banksia blechinifolia, Tremandra stelligera and Boronia crenulata.

One morning we walked our granddaughter to school and picked her up in the afternoon. We took this opportunity to see the types of plants that people grow in their gardens. Not much in the way of natives. A few Grevillea Robyn Gordon type hybrids and some Callistemons were being cultivated. No small birds as most suburban areas in Sydney are dominated by Noisy Miners due to the loss native shrub understoreys.

On the last day of the week our new grandchild arrived. A healthy baby girl is our 6th granddaughter and 8th grandchild. Baby, mother and father are all well.


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