Week 4 June 2013: Rain = 25 millimetres

There was an interesting interview on the radio this week. There is a very rare plant (Hakea pulvinifera) that grows near Keepit Dam near Tamworth. The National Botanic Gardens, Canberra have successfully propagated the species after many of years of trying. This week progeny were being planted out on the site. Hopefully plants will become available to the gardening public. This will ensure the survival of the species. The Wollemi Pine is a good example of this method of species survival.

We had a call from a friend who lives east of Armidale. He rang to tell us about his Correa Autumn Blaze that is growing in a pot and is covered in blooms.

Plenty of struck cuttings potted on this week including: Grevillea beadleana, Grevillea willisii, Brachyscome multifida, Grevillea pinaster and Prostanthera scutellarioides.

We also came across a large flock of Red-browed Finches feeding amongst a patch of native grasses. There was al least 30 birds in the flock.

One morning this week a group from the local Probus club visited Yallaroo. We had an interesting walk and talk around the garden.

We also found enough time to dig holes and put 24 plants into our new garden north of the house.

Found a Grevillea acropogon plant in full flower in one of our gardens. This rare species, from Western Australia, has beautiful red flowers.


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