Week 4 June 2012: Rain = 2.5 millimetres

This week we have started writing articles for other Australian Plant Society Groups. There are a number of groups scattered throughout New South Wales. Those in southern and western NSW have similar winter climatic conditions to ours. Sharing our horticultural experiences, with other Australian plant cultivators, may be of some assistance.

Continuing with the communication theme. This Saturday morning we had our talkback gardening programme. We used to be on once a fortnight now there are four other presenters so we broadcast once every five weeks. This probably gives more variety to the programme but does nothing for our continuity. It is a struggle to keep up interest.

Also on Saturday, we travelled to Armidale where the National Broadband Network (NBN) had an information session. We are interested in fixed wireless broadband and heard that towers may be going in to service our area. Unfortunately we seemed to know more about plans for our area than the NBN representatives. Hopefully the email we sent to NBN will provide more information.

On a more positive note this week we potted on more rooted cuttings. These included: Grevillea Old Gold, Prostanthera Ballerina and Prostanthera melissifolia.

We also dug out more grass and weeds from the area that is projected for planting. We also tidied up one of the benches in our hoop house. This has made more room for tubes.

In one of our vegetable rings we planted seedling broad beans. We will keep planting broad beans throughout the cooler months. We are adopting the same strategy with sugar peas.


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