Week 4 June 2011: Rain = 7.5 millimetres

Early in the week we left Sydney and headed north to Gosford on the Central Coast where we stayed with our eldest daughter and her family. Our first activity was attending a concert where our grandson performed.

We visited a large Central Coast shopping centre where our major purchase was a MusicMaker unit from Dick Smith. MusicMaker converts vinyl records to MP3 and CDs. We have a large collection of vinyl records and have been buying more from Opportunity Shops with the idea of converting them. Hopefully this unit will do the job.

We had a trip to a picnic area near a large lake and after a barbeque lunch did some rock-hopping near at a beach.

Towards the end of the week we headed home. We made a lunch stop at a park along the New England Highway. Whilst there we sighted flocks of Double-barred Finches, Blue Wrens, Yellow-rumped Thornbills and a solitary Willie Wagtail. At these spots we usually only see larger birds such as Noisy Miners and Indian Mynahs.

We didnít buy any plants this trip as there is a rather large back log of plants ready to go in at home.

Everything was ok at Yallaroo except that the weather was very cold and overcast.

Although the weather was a trifle inclement we managed to do some gardening. We sowed some broad bean seeds in what will be home to passionfruit and raspberry plants in spring. Hopefully the beans will mature before the vines are planted. We ordered 6 raspberry plants from the Garden Express company.
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