Week 4 June 2010:

This week was spent at Katoomba in the upper Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. All the family came for part of the week to celebrate a number of birthdays. The distance from Armidale to Katoomba is about 550 kilometres. The trip took 7.5 hours.

We rented a large house that accommodated all the family. The house was close to the shopping centre and the Three Sisters, the main tourist attraction. We were also in walking distance of some bushwalks.

One day we drove to Wentworth Falls and walked in the Falls Reserve. The scenery in the upper Blue Mountains is breath taking. The Reserve is home to Microstrobos fitzgeraldii, an extremely rare, dwarf conifer that grows around a few waterfalls.

On another day we walked around the old Catalina Racing Circuit. The track was abandoned, for car racing, some years ago and is now a pleasant circular walk through regenerating bushland.

Minnie Haha Falls Reserve was another area that we walked through. Many interesting native plants in the Reserve including Eucalyptus moorei, Grevillea acanthifolia and the small but beautiful Epacris reclinata growing on rock faces.


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