Week 4 June 2007: Rain = 24.5mm. This was enough to fill our tanks.

This week we found a Templetonia retusa flowering in one of our gardens. This native pea has large red flowers and is known as Cockieís Tongue.

Planting and mulching continued this week. Early in June we bought a large number of tube stock from the Muswellbrook Forestry Nursery. Nearly all these tubes have been planted.

One day this week we found some seedlings under one of the dead trees near our northern boundary. This is one of the trees that were ring-barked by previous owners. The seedlings appear to be Solanum aviculare, the Kangaroo Apple. Birds eat the fleshy fruits and the seeds are deposited when they perch in the dead tree.

We found Grevillea, which we had forgotten about, in one of our gardens. This was identified as Grevillea pilosa a Western Australian native.

This week we took the plunge and bought an external HDD with a capacity of 320GB. This will store a heap of photos. We shopped around in Armidale and saved $90 on a purchase price of $199.

This week was the 30th anniversary of the Armidale group of the Australian Plant Society (APS). We attended a party at one of the memberís garden. A pleasant and nostalgic time was had by all. We are original members. In fact we have been members of the APS for over forty years.

On the weekend we conducted a propagation workshop at the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. The day was very cold and overcast so we were pleasantly surprised when over 30 people attended. We talked about seed and cutting propagation.

New on the Site: Cupaniopsis anacardioides, Grevillea pilosa, Melaleuca tamarascina and Solanum aviculare. 


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