Week 4 June 2005: Rain =26mm this week. There has been 98mm for the month of June. This is a remarkable change from the past dry months.
This week we went for a walk through some of the plantings that we did over ten years ago. This area is near our front gate and contains a wide range of natives planted in the last century. It was satisfying to see a number of seedling Grevilleas growing on a rocky slope near these plantings. The seedlings had various growth habits and leaf shapes. These differences reflect the great potential of Grevilleas to hybridise. No doubt there will be a range of flower colours once the plants mature.
A few weeks ago we bought some aquatic plants from a nursery on the Central Coast of New South Wales. Included were Marsilea, Myriophyllum and Nymphaea. This week each plant was divided in two and replaced in one of our frog ponds.
Speaking of frogs; since the rain we have been listening to a constant amphibian chorus.
Some replanting was undertaken this week. Some young plants expired, for various reasons, in our Correa Garden .
There is more technology on the way. This week we ordered a Canon scanner. This one will scan 35mm negatives and slides. We have a large number of slides from days gone by and felt that it is time to preserve them on CDs.
Since Peter, the webmaster, of the local ABC site, left we have not been able to contribute information to their Aussie Native segment. Anna is their new webmaster and we will now be contributing information on a monthly basis.

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