Week 4 June 2003: Rain: 38 mm.
Early this week we returned home from a very pleasant visit to our family in Gosford.
With the advance of winter we have started to light our wood heater every night. There is plenty of dead wood on Yallaroo. This is the result of excessive clearing and tree poisoning by previous occupants. This wood fills a number of roles. Some is cut up for firewood; decorative pieces are used as garden sculptures and most is left either standing or fallen as wildlife habitat.
Although we are in the depths of winter some of the birds around Yallaroo feel that spring is not far away. White-eared Honeyeaters are carrying feathers into our dense Banana Passionfruit vine; a Grey Thrush is exploring a Clematis vine on our back patio and a Crimson Rosella was observed looking into one of our nesting boxes. This box has been used by Crimson Rosellas for the last two years.
Spending some time taking flower photos with our digital camera. Those that are reasonable will be incorporated in the web site. This week we also prepared a series of Grevillea photos for inclusion in the local ABC web site. Have a look at: http://www.abc.net.au/newengland/photogalleries/grevilleas/index.htm
Weeding, mulching and planting in our Lawn Garden. We did not mulch as we planted and have paid the price for this oversight. After the good autumn rains this unmulched garden exploded in weeds. We won’t make this mistake again. We are now mulching as we plant.

Garden Diary