Week 4 July 2017: No rain this week.

Plenty of struck cuttings potted on this week including: Correa baeuerlenii, Hakea nodosa, Prostanthera aspalathoides, Grevillea evansiana, G. iaspicula and Isopogon formosus. We have now potted on all the cuttings that have taken root. We have put in lots of cuttings and in the fullness of time they, in turn, will start to take root.

Our Eucalyptus magnificata is in full flower. The Crimson Rosellas have taken a liking to the flowers and are nipping them off. Consequently there is a carpet of flowers at the base of the tree.

This week we planted 12 tubes and mulched them.

We are working on the new Australian Plant Society (APS) NSW Region. The site is being completely renovated and we will be contributing articles to the new site as we did with the previous site. We will also have a weekly garden diary that will be a condensed version of this one.

This week we bought a dwarf mulberry. This will be grown in one of our raised vegetable beds. There will be room in the bed for another fruit tree and we will probably buy a Santa Rosa plum. Around the trees we will plant annual vegetables.

Kohlrabi was one of our successful spring vegetables. In fact it was too successful and we finished up with a surplus. This week we put the surplus vegetables through our chipper, mixed the result with sawdust, Dynamic Lifter and blood and bone. This mess was then put in one of or ALDI rotary composters.

Also this week we filled an old wheelbarrow with soil and watered it thoroughly. When the weather warms up we will plant water chestnut corms in the wheelbarrow. We planted about five corms in small container last spring and harvested a margarine container full of small corms a few weeks ago. In the large wheelbarrow we expect the corms will have room to grow larger.

Wildlife observations: We saw the Brown Antechinus (Antechinus stuartii) running across the deck for the third time. Our White Boxes (Eucalyptus albens) have been flowering for some time. The trees are full of raucous Rainbow Lorikeets feeding on the nectar.


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