Week 4 July 2016: Rain = 11 millimetres

We potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea semperflorens, Eremophila Thundercloud as well as seedling Acacia ligulata this week.

We finished moving sheets of iron to our vegetable garden. These will kill the weeds and grasses and leave the area bare so that our electric fence can be installed to deter macropods from eating our vegetables.

Until our vegetable beds are protected from our macropods we are filling 200 mm pots with soil mix. We will sow vegetable seeds in the pots. They will be placed on benches out of the reach of hungry macropods. Rocket seeds have been sown in one pot.

We found some more winter flowering plants including Hakea gibbosa, Grevillea Canterbury Gold and Grevillea Poorinda Diadem. The two grevilleas were plants we found in one of our dense shrubberies. Because we plant so densely, plants are sometimes found that we had forgotten about.

We mulched all the plants in the garden bed north of the house. Holes were dug, ready for planting, in the extension of this garden.

This week we filled out the census online. This only took about ten minutes.

We have been treating wattle seeds, before sowing, by soaking in boiled water. This week we tried placing the seeds in a container with water and boiled in a microwave. This method caused the seeds to swell considerably. This method may be a way to improve germination. Time will tell.

Wildlife observations: Plenty to report this week. A large flock of White-winged Choughs visited our large mown area early in the week. Later on a smaller flock of Choughs visited another area of the garden. Two Bronzed-winged Pigeons were observed on the road, west of the house. Ten Crimson Rosellas perched in a large Acacia implexa near the house. A Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater was seen in one of our shrubberies. This bird was harassed by a pair of White-eared Honeyeaters. We think that the latter honeyeaters have a nest in this shrubbery. We walked down to our small dam and saw a freshwater tortoise in the water.


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