Week 4 July 2013: Rain = 4 millimetres

This week we dug holes and planted 24 tube stock in the holes. This is our new garden north of the house and so far 100 plants have gone in the ground. This new garden is roughly rectangular in shape and has an area of approximately 140 square metres. The garden is between our large mown area and our circular road. The area was never mown because it is home to a number of large rocks. When planted out the garden will be home to hundreds of plants. We are not planting any trees or very tall shrubs in this garden because they will block our northerly view from the house.

We also rearranged the plants in our old plastic house. Removed those that had expired and tidied up those that remained. The new garden is going to soak up a lot of our propagated tubes.

One the way into town, on our weekly shopping trip, we saw two large flocks of ibis. They perform a useful role in controlling soil borne insect pests.

Along the road to Armidale from Yallaroo there are large populations of Acacia filicifolia growing. This week we noticed that many are bursting into bloom. Also our Acacia covenyi and Acacia polybotrya plants are starting to flower in the garden.

Managed to find time to pot on struck cuttings of Grevillea jephcottii, Correa Autumn Blaze and Olearia tenuifolia.

Observed a Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater in an Acacia implexa tree near the house one morning. Usually a pair visits Yallaroo in spring.

A relative visited for a few days this week. An enjoyable time was had by all. During this time we went to the monthly Armidale markets. Strangely enough we bought some plants. The local Australian Plant Society branch has a stall selling healthy, reasonably priced native plants. Our purchases were: Grevillea Amethyst, G. alpina, G. Apricot Charm, G. Charming Red, Hibbertia vestita and Diplolaena angustifolia. It probably goes without saying that cuttings were taken from all the purchases soon after bringing them home.


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