Week 4 July 2012:

All this week was spent visiting our family in Sydney and Gosford, on the Central Coast. Some time was spent in our daughter’s new house vacuuming and cleaning carpets.

Whilst in Sydney we visited a monster Bunning's hardware store at Castle Hill. We purchased a lemon, cumquat and two seedling passionfruit.

We also fitted in a walk in a reserve also near Castle Hill. We came across Eriostemon and Boronia flowering profusely.

Whilst in Sydney we experienced peak hour traffic. Travelling from one family member to another took 50 minutes during the morning peak hour. In the afternoon, outside of the peak hour, the trip took only 20 minutes. Made us realise how fortunate we are driving to and around Armidale.

At night we watched the Olympics. Only problem was the proliferation of commercials. This is why we usually avoid watching commercial television.

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