Week 4 July 2011: No rain again this week.

Planting total = 36 this week.

There was plenty of potting on this week including: seedling Hakea gibbosa, Eucalyptus cinerea and struck cuttings of: Eremophila biserrata, Prostanthera striatiflora, Westringia eremicola, Grevillea miqueliana, Grevillea Fireworks and the rare Asterolasia species from near Tamworth.

Spring is fast approaching with a number of wattles bursting into bloom including: Acacia flexifolia, Acacia baileyana and Acacia vestita.

Many other plants are flowering in the garden, these include: Eucalyptus gregsoniana, Hakea verrucosa and Grevillea semperflorens.

This week we found a clump of seedling Grevilleas growing near our big dam. There were eight seedlings growing only a few centimetres from each other. The seeds were probably abandoned by ants. They remove the fleshy ring around the seeds as food for their larvae. We will probably transplant some of these feral hybrids to our new garden.

There was another herald of spring this week. A pair of Striated Pardalotes has taken up residence in the nesting tube under our patio roof. This will be the third year that they have used the nesting tube.


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