Week 4 July 2010: Rain = 19.5 millimetres.  The rain keeps coming. With low winter evaporation we are sure to have a great spring because of the high level of soil moisture.

Spring is just around the corner. Our two Wattles (Acacia baileyana and Acacia flexifolia) that we regard as our heralds of spring are flowering.

We are having some trouble with rabbits. They are digging holes in one of our newer gardens. This week we spread blood and bone on this garden. This usually keeps these destructive rodents at bay.

Potted on more cuttings this week including Melaleuca nodosa. We now have a large backlog of plants in tubes ready for spring planting.

We bought a tall, narrow bookcase this week. After assembling it was positioned beside our l-shaped computer desk. The bookcase will accommodate our botanical and horticultural reference books. Having the books close will make our writing and researching more efficient.

Saw a small flock of Eastern Rosellas one morning this week. It has been some time since these colourful parrots have visited Yallaroo.

Last week we ordered some water chestnuts from Queensland. This week they arrived. They are semi-aquatic plants and we will grow them in pots in our broccoli boxes in about ten centimetres of water. Hopefully we will be able to harvest them towards the end of summer.

Friends from Canberra visited. They have just purchased a Sage plant propagator and we spent some time discussing the mysteries and enjoyment of propagating your own Australian plants. We also walked around the garden and collected material for cuttings.

Towards the end off the week we received a very important parcel. It contained a review copy of a new book: Correas, Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens by Maria Hitchcock. Maria was the leader of the Correa Study Group for many years and is growing an extensive collection of correas in her garden near Armidale. Her correa collection is registered with the Garden Plant Conservation Association of Australia.

Her beautiful book contains wealth of detail on all things to do with this hardy and colourful group of Australian plants as well as a comprehensive list of species, cultivars and hybrids. We will be reviewing the book in the local print media as well as on our gardening programme. The book will be launched at the Armidale Tree Group on the 3rd of September.


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