Week 4 July 2006: Rain = 9mm
This week a Templetonia retusa burst into bloom. This Western Australian pea has large scarlet flowers. This is the first time that this specimen has flowered.
Five Eastern Spinebills were observed, this week, visiting one of our Eucalyptus leucoxylon that is bursting with red blooms.
We have a number of Prostanthera gilesii plants in our gardens. During the cold weather the foliage took on a purplish, winter colour. We are not sure about the true identity of this Mint Bush. It may have another name. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Hakea gibbosa is another species that has started to flower. This is a prickly customer from the Central Coast of New South Wales.
We also found another plant in flower. This is Grevillea montana from the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. We collected material a few years ago from a roadside plant. The specimen had remained hidden, amongst other shrubs, until we caught sight of the flowers.
An avid Grevillea collector, from Victoria, visited one day this week. He has about two hundred different varieties in his collection. We gave him a Grevillea anethifolia plant to add to his assortment.
This week we sprayed our nectarine and peach plants with Bordeaux mix. This is to combat curly leaf.
We renovated our Asparagus bed this week. We have a few plants in a small garden. We sprinkled Dynamic Lifter on the bed and then top-dressed with fresh soil and mulch.
There was more planting undertaken this week. Over 50 plants went into the ground. We mulched these plants with our new, chipped green waste that we are using as a substitute for sawdust.

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