Week 4 July 2005: No rain this week but 44.5 mm for the month.
Early this week some residents from an Inverell retirement village visited Yallaroo. We have advised the retirement village on landscaping ideas using native plants. Their visit was to observe native plants in a garden situation. Over 150 people have now visited Yallaroo since the beginning of the year.
This week we finished scanning our family photos. Over 800 colour prints have been scanned. The next task is to scan our large collection of colour slides. These slides go back over 45 years.
A large animal (probably a Grey Kangaroo) visited our propagating structure one night this week. This visitor managed to break our misting unit. Fortunately we managed to repair the unit.
On our shopping day we visited the Armidale Tree Group Nursery. We purchased over 40 plants, mostly tubes. Included in our purchases were Acacias, Banksias and Grevilleas. This is one of the best nurseries that we visit. They have a wide range of plants at reasonable prices.
We purchased four Bulbine vagans in tubes. This is a stunning Native Lily with yellow flowers that are carried for many months. We managed to divide these plants and finished up with over 12 new plants. We have one specimen in our garden and found that the parent plant was surrounded by many seedlings. They probably germinated after the recent rain. A number of seedlings were transferred from the ground to tubes. We are now up to our armpits in Bulbine vagans. It is a beautiful herbaceous plant and in the fullness of time specimens will be planted in most of our gardens.
We also transplanted some seedlings of Grevillea arenaria into tubes. This species germinates in large numbers at Yallaroo.
We noticed this week that Scrub Wrens are building a nest in a Clematis vine that is growing behind our shed. Both prospective parents are very busy carrying grass into the nesting site. Since our gardens have developed the Scrub Wren population has increased dramatically.

Garden Diary