Week 4 July 2004: Rain = 35.5 mm.

Back to normal this week after our extensive Queensland tour.

Used our new chainsaw to cut up some firewood. There is plenty of fallen timber on Yallaroo. Previous owners poisoned many trees so that they could supposedly graze (or overgraze) more sheep.

Spent some time experimenting with our new digital camera. We are having very satisfactory results.

Two students and their mother visited this week. Both sisters are doing school projects involving native plants. We are always happy to assist students and spread the word (or words) about Australia’s flora.

This week we visited a garden in Armidale to give some advise on creating a native garden. They have had a huge Eucalypt removed from the front garden. There are a number of gardens, in Armidale, were unsuitable Eucalypts have been planted. Eucalyptus globulus, the Tasmanian Blue Gum, is the main culprit. They are just too big for suburban gardens.

The rain this week filled our house tank to overflowing. We always feel comfortable when our tank is full.

Received a phone call this week from Tamworth Golf Course. They want to replace a Eucalypt that is leaning over one of the greens. There are always plenty of native plant related phone calls to keep us on our toes.

A pair of Grey Thrushes arrived this week. They may be the pair that nested twice last spring. A Little Grebe was also sighted on our Big Dam.

Garden Diary