Week 4 July 2003:  Rain: 11 mm this week and 28 mm for the month.
This week we finished digging up a section of our Lawn Garden. This area of about 200 square metres took some time to dig. In future we will have garden areas ripped by a machine. This will be more time effective. In fact we are planning a large rockery near our Lawn Garden. This will be machine ripped. The site is on a northeast-facing slope and will be about 500 square metres in area. We have the area, the rocks and the plants, so this will be our next big project
There were lots of Grey Kangaroos around this week. There were 15 on our grassy area the other morning. 
Burned some of our digital photos onto a CD. We sent them to a gardening magazine editor. Some of them will be used in a special issue devoted to native plants. They may also publish some of our articles.
Mulched some of our plants in our Lawn Garden. The sawdust seems to be keeping the weeds at bay. Also did some more planting in this area.
We have a large number of struck cuttings in our propagating bed. Correas and Grevilleas have been particularly successful. We will need plenty of plants for our new rockery.
We have had some very heavy frosts this week. One of the elbows, on one of our taps, split due to the water freezing. We lost a considerable amount of water. In future we will turn off our irrigation water every night.
New this week: in our Plant Section: Acacia ingramii.

Garden Diary