Week 4 January 2017: Rain = 51 millimetres this week. This is more than half our monthly average.  This constant rain tends to balance out, to a certain extent, the extreme hot weather we are having.

We spent some time weeding, digging holes and planting. These outdoor activities are undertaken in the morning. By early afternoon it is too hot to work outside.

In the vegetable garden lots of our cherry and Roma tomatoes are ripening. Plums and pears were also picked this week. On our front verandah we have a large passionfruit vine. The vine is loaded with fruit. They havenít ripened yet but this week we cut one open. We were pleasantly surprised that the fruit was filled with edible pulp. Some rhubarb stems were also picked and cooked. Our cumquat shrub is covered with flowers.

We potted on Prostanthera rotundifolia, P. nivea, and P. incana as well as Crowea exalata.

One morning we mowed around the house. Most of the grass was mowed when we hit a rock and sheared off one mower blade. Fortunately no other damage was done and we will replace both blades.

We made up a mix of grass clippings, shredded paper, pelletised poultry manure and blood and bone. This mix was placed in our large rotary composter.

Wildlife observations: We have lots of blue wrens both male and female around the house. One day we saw two, brightly coloured males together near our verandah.  We also saw two Black-faced Cuckoo Shrikes flying around the tops of some of our large eucalypts. It is some time since these birds visited Yallaroo.


Garden Diary