Week 4 January 2014: Still no rain. This is the driest period we have experienced is our 18 years at Yallaroo.

Have a Happy, if rather dry and hot, Australia Day

We spent lots of time watering this week using our bore and grey water reservoir. With no rain and high temperatures our younger and some older plants are in need of irrigation.

Two researchers from the University visited one morning. They collected material from our Prostanthera rotundifolia plants. They are researching the chemicals in the foliage. One of the visitors, who is the curator of the University herbarium, emailed some research papers on new local species.

Some plants, regardless of the drought, are flowering. Bursaria spinosa, Blackthorn, and Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana, Dwarf Sugar Gum, are in full flower. Many insects visit the Blackthorn flowers. This week we observed Spotted Flower Chafer Beetles burrowing into the blooms.

We picked more blackberries this week. The tasty fruit are stewed and enjoyed with ice cream.

Potting on continued this week. Prostanthera striatiflora, Melaleuca violacea and M. incana found their way into tubes.

Because we have a mature plant backlog, this week planting continued. Our northern garden became home to 36 new plants.

This week we bought a wireless mouse to use with our lap top. Google Chrome has removed the two scrolling arrows on internet sites. The mouse makes navigating sites a lot easier.


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