Week 4 January 2013: Rain = 83.5 millimetres. This was great rain with a monthly total of 141 millimetres far exceeding the monthly average of 101 millimetres.

There are plenty of plants flowering. Bursaria spinosa and Cassinia quinquefaria are native to Yallaroo and at present they are lighting up the bushland surrounding the garden with masses of white and cream flowers. In the garden Callistemon Packers Selection is blooming bounteously. A Eucalyptus olsenii is flowering for the first time. This is a rare species from southern New South Wales. 

This week we picked blackberries from one of our feral vines. They will have to be sprayed in the near future.

We also picked a couple of buckets of ripe fruit from our Santa Rosa plum. The plums are delicious. Some were used to make plum and raisin relish. We also picked grapes from one of our vines. They were used to make grape jam.

Whilst speaking of fruit. On our shopping day we bought three passionfruit vines from Bunnings Hardware. We also purchased a Black Prince Buddleja. Although an exotic species they have large, colourful sprays of flowers that attract butterflies. They have an extensive, well presented nursery.

A number of rafts of frog spawn appeared in both our large frog ponds this week.

We potted on struck cuttings of Darwinia citriodora and Banksia ericifolia. We are using commercial seed raising mix (that is formulated for cuttings) instead of our mix of coco peat and sand. Cuttings appear to produce denser and faster roots with the seed raising mix.

Planting continued apace with holes dug, filled with 15 plants and mulched.

We emptied our compost tumbler this week. We filled three garden bags with luscious compost that looks almost good enough to eat. Once lawn mowing starts again we will be filling the tumbler to produce the next compost crop.

There was a power outage (euphemism for blackout) of four hours duration one afternoon and evening. Our wireless gateway phone system backup battery coped with the lengthy loss of power.

We decided to purchase a new DVD recorder this week. We have a VHS/DVD combination unit that is over five years old. We decided on a Panasonic Bluray DVD recorder. The best price was from Harvey Norman.


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