Week 4 January 2012: Rain = 26 millimetres

This week we spent some time splitting up two Lomandra longifolia plants. They had lived in pots for many years. We finished up with about 30 plants. They were potted on into tubes and eventually will be planted around the pond on the north side of the house.

Also potted on struck cuttings of Eremophila debilis and seedling Acacia granitica.

Planting total this week = 15.

One day this week we had a call from Richard from the Botany Department at the University of New England. Richard needed grevillea flowers for a practical class. We were able to provide many flowers from our Grevillea semperflorens plant. We also collected flowers from other varieties. We were glad to be able to provide plant material.

We started digging planting holes on the edge of our internal road. Our circular road is quite wide and that is row for a row of plants. As per usual three plants will go into each hole. This planting scheme will soak up lots of plants.

About a month ago we put in cuttings of a black grape vine that is growing against our shed. Surprisingly the cuttings took root in three weeks. This week they were potted on.

This week we bought two new beds for the rooms that family and guests use when visiting. Some time was spent moving the old beds out and assembling the new ones.


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