Week 4 January 2011: No rain this week but very high temperatures. Summer has finally arrived.

Digging holes, planting and mulching continued in the early mornings to escape the heat. Over 50 plants were deposited in the ground. They are thickly mulched and watered at least once a day during the hot weather.

The 26th January was Australia Day. We celebrated by planting and propagating native plants.

Unfortunately our telephone was off for a few days. The exchange was hit by lightning. The Telstra technicians repaired the fault efficiently.

This week we started picking tomatoes. There were plenty of fruit on our plants but they have taken a while to ripen because until a few days ago there was a shortage of sunlight.

We sighted a Black Snake in one of our gardens this week. This has been the first sighting for a few weeks.

We found a pile of wattle seeds near one of our Acacia diphylla plants. We think that ants collect the seeds and take off the fleshy growth (known as the elaiosome) on one end for food. We have seen similar piles near Acacia dealbata and Acacia implexa plants at this time of the year. This makes seed collection rather easy.  

New on the Site: Alloxylon pinnatum, Lomatia fraseri and Olearia oppositifolia.


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