Week 4 January 2009:  Rain = 51 millimetres

This was an interesting week. We travelled to Sydney and spent time helping our son and his family move into a house that they had purchased. There was plenty of lifting and carrying. With all the family helping the move was accomplished in a fairly short time. Now all that is needed is to find homes for the contents of umpteen boxes.

The house came complete with a swimming pool so in the evening we cooled off in the pool.

At night squadrons of Flying Foxes passed overhead on their way to their feeding areas.

There was time to do other things as well as lifting and carrying. We visited the local Solar Shop and were given very useful information about using solar panels to generate electricity and return the surplus to the grid. We will make further enquires when we return home.

We even found time to do some bushwalking. Our sonís home is within walking distance of a large bushland reserve. Some of the area, along creeks, was rather weedy but away from the water there were a wide range of plants native to the Sydney region. We observed Stylidiums, Hakeas, Callicomas, Acacias, Lambertias and Banksias to name but a few.

Towards the end of the week we travelled north to Gosford and spent a few days with one of our daughters and her family. We spent more time in the bush and visited Somersby Falls in Brisbane Waters National Park. This is a beautiful area with well maintained picnic areas and well-graded walks.

We also picnicked at Tuggerah Lakes. The Lake is home to numerous Black Swans and Pelicans. The lake also supports large fish populations.

At the end of the week we travelled home. We were presently surprised to have received 51 millimetres of rain. This is a bonus on top of the rain received around Christmas.


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