Week 4 January 2009: Rain = 65 mm. Part of this total was a very welcome 47.5 mm in a couple of hours on Australia Day. The rain appeared to be restricted to a small area around Yallaroo. A beaut Australia Day present.

Two friends visited one day this week. We walked around the garden and had an enjoyably informative time.

Our Bursaria spinosa, Blackthorn, plants are in full flower. We have many hundreds of these tall, prickly shrubs. They regenerated after stock was removed from the property many years ago. Our Angophora floribunda trees are also bursting into bloom.

We received some plants for Christmas. Amongst these gifts was a Correa Flared Bell. This is a recent release and is probably a form of Correa reflexa. The Correa was planted in early January and this week flowered for the first time. What a great plant. The flowers are large, pink, flared bells. Definitely a native plant with a great horticultural future.

This week we found a Eucalyptus apiculata plant covered in buds. We seem to find budding-up Eucalypts on a weekly basis. We must do a Eucalypt census. There will be well over 50 species in the garden.

More planting this week. At least 30 plants went into one of our new gardens. We also mulched some of our newer plantings.

We have been loosing a few seedlings when potting them on. A few weeks ago we started to put potted-on seedlings in our propagator. This has worked very well. The seedlings appreciate the intermittent mist. They will be hardened off in the open air before planting.

One day this week our aquarium was delivered. We are looking forward to landscaping the aquarium with aquatic plants and introducing freshwater tropical fish.

Uralla is a town south of Armidale and has a Computer Bank where old computers are recycled. We took an old computer over this weekend. The Bank is run by volunteers and we were pleasantly surprised by the extent of their work. They are even recycling old monitor boxes as flower pots.

New on the Site: Correa Flared Bell and Eucalyptus apiculata.


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