Rainbow.JPG (14724 bytes)Week 4 January 2008: Rain = 24.5mm   Total for month = 88 mm   Average = 101 mm

This Saturday was Australia Day. We celebrated by having a barbeque and Pavlova with our eldest daughter and her family who are visiting for a few days.

Our radio talkback programme was also on Australia Day. We thought that this was an appropriate day to talk about Australian native plants.

We had some rain on Australia Day and in the afternoon there was a beautiful rainbow in the eastern sky (see image). The rainbow persisted for about 30 minutes.

We spent some time throwing Frisbees and other activities with our grandchildren so for a few days most plant work took a back seat.

We all visited the monthly Armidale markets on Sunday. A visit to the markets usually means that we come home loaded with plants. This time we came home with one, a beautiful specimen of Babingtonia tozerensis. There is plenty of cutting material on this plant. This species was previously known as Baeckea “Mt Tozer”.

Later in the week we used grey water on some of our new gardens. The grey water tank had filled to overflowing.

Our regenerating Bursaria spinosa and Cassinia quinquefaria plants are flowering en masse. There are large swathes of cream and white flowers under our Eucalypts.

We managed to pot on some seedlings and cuttings this week. Some Hakea bakeriana seeds germinated and a large number of Brachyscome multifida cuttings struck. The cuttings are for our son who is landscaping his garden.
New on Site: Babingtonia tozerensis .


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