Week 4 January 2006: Rain = 2mm. Monthly total 75mm. Average = 100mm.
We had very hot and dry weather in January. Some time was spent watering new plantings. We are fortunate in being able to store grey water and use this resource at times like this.
We received an email from Cyprus requesting plant identification. The plant was an Australian Pittosporum. Identification was simplified because very clear digital photos accompanied the request. We are happy to help readers with plant identification.
We have large Passionfruit vine growing over our water tank. This week the fruits started to ripen. We should be able to harvest about 30 delicious fruit from this vine. Last spring we planted more vines.
Fruits from another edible exotic are ripening. Last summer we planted some tomato plants in one of our garden beds. We harvested a large number of delicious fruit from these plants. Birds also partook of these tomatoes and spread seeds around. This summer we had a number of feral tomato plants appear. This week we started to harvest this unexpected bounty. The majority of these plants were Tommy Toe tomatoes.
We were given two solar water pumps for Christmas. This week we set one up in a large ceramic pot on our patio. A small solar panel powers a pump and now we have the pleasant sound of splashing water when we sit outside.
We found some unwelcome visitors in the garden near our back patio. When pruning we disturbed some paper wasps. These insects have a painful sting. Be careful when pruning shrubs as these social insects will defend their territory painfully.
In September we travelled west of Armidale and collected a number of cuttings. This week we potted one some of the cuttings that had taken root. Grevilleas, Prostantheras and Westringias were included in this successful propagation exercise.
Last year we purchased some aquatic native plants and these were placed in a pond near our patio. For the last couple of weeks Nymphoides germinata plants have been flowering furiously. Bright yellow flowers are lighting up this pond.

Garden Diary