Week 4 February 2017: No rain this week

In one of our vegetable beds some mysterious vines came up. They resembled cucumbers with small yellow flowers. Eventually fruits formed on the vines and this week they were examined and found to be rock melons. Where the seed came from is a mystery but we are nurturing the six or so melons that have developed.

This week we planted silver beet seedlings in our small ALDI garden bed near the back patio. The seedlings came from Bunnings.

Fruits are dropping off our passionfruit vine. They are green not black but when we cut one open we found that the pulp had developed and was very tasty. Do not know why the fruits are not colouring but we are not complaining.

We dug holes this week and ten plants found homes in the holes.

Near our letter box Eucalyptus albens and Cassinia regrowth is blocking the view of our letterbox. We use the bright yellow letterbox as a beacon when directing visitors to Yallaroo. This week we cut back the regrowth to improve the view.

Our Callistemon sieberi plants are flowering. We potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea acanthifolia, Myoporum floribundum and Roma tomatoes. We are going to try to keep tomato plants growing, under shelter, through winter.

Wildlife observations: A Bronze-winged Pigeon is a frequent visitor on the grass near our back patio. We sighted two flocks of White-winged Choughs this week. There were 10 birds in one flock and 15 in the other.


Garden Diary