Week 4 February 2016: Rain = 2 millimetres. Very hot and dry up here on the Northern Tablelands of NSW same as most regions in the state. Many of our Prostantheras (Mint Bushes) are stressed. If we had about 15 mm they would recover. Of course we need lots more rain than that to build up the soil moisture.

This was a very sad week. Bill, a good friend, passed away. He was a stalwart of the Tamworth Group of the Australian Plant Society (APS). We had a lot in common. He will be sorely missed.

This week we planted three of our large, purchased plants. A Banksia serrata, Grevillea Jelly Baby and Correa Cardinal Bells were planted in a garden bed near our deck. In a previous Garden Diary we mistakenly called one species Banksia integrifolia instead of B. serrata.

This week we dug some holes in the large garden north of the house. We were digging the holes in a basalt cap. It was very hard going with plenty of rocks. The rocks do not go to waste. We use them around the plants as another layer of mulch. We filled some of the holes with 21 plants.

We sent some seeds this week. Three wattle species were sent to the Acacia Study Group. They have a seed bank and these seeds were from our harvesting in December. We also sent some Callistemon flavovirens seeds to Newcastle, NSW. A group there is revegetating a large wetland.

Wildlife observations: We had a painful observation this week. We disturbed a paper wasp nest that was under a bench where our tubes reside before planting. A sting on the ear lobe was a trifle painful. One morning we observed 16 choughs walking along our road. It is some weeks since they visited Yallaroo. Another day we walked down to our big dam and sighted two tortoises in the water.


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