Week 4 February 2015: Rain = 50 millimetres. In this total there was one fall of 42 millimetres. Total this month = 91.5 millimetres. Monthly average = 86 millimetres.  This beautiful rain has built up the soil moisture. With the cooler weather coming and reduced evaporation the garden will benefit greatly.

We are producing lots of vegetables. This week we picked cucumbers, egg plant, tomatoes, zucchinis, asparagus, beans and rocket.

This week we potted on struck cuttings of Grevillea Bon Accord, G. shiressii, Hakea constablei and Brachyscome multifida.

We dug more holes and were pleasantly surprised to find that the soil was very moist. The holes were filled with 27 plants. All plants were mulched.  

Some years ago we were given, by a friend from southern NSW, a Banksia. The plant was thought to be a hybrid whose parents were B. ericifolia and another species. This week we found two developing flower spikes on the plant. We will be interested in seeing the colour of the flowers. This may give a clue to the parentage.

We spent one afternoon watching an exciting cricket match between Australia and New Zealand with the latter country winning by a very short nose.

Wildlife observations: Starting with a sad item. The Yellow-faced Honeyeater hatched the two eggs in the nest near our back door. Late in the week we noticed that the nest was empty. We do not know what happened to the babies. The nest is still intact. On brighter notes we saw a flock of Double-barred Finches near our gate and a flock of Red-browed Finches near the shed. A flock (about ten individuals) of Choughs were sited passing through one afternoon. They flew in from the west stayed in a stringybark for a short while then flew east. A flock of Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrikes roosted in an Acacia implexa near the house. They spent some time indulging in some aerial acrobatics. They seemed to be catching flying insects. They were joined by two Grey Butcherbirds who also spent time catching insects. A Blue-banded Bee was observed visiting Veronica arenaria flowers in our North Garden.


Garden Diary