Week 4 February 2014: No rain this week.

Planting continued this week with 32 plants going into our northern garden. We are covering the plants with pieces of Cassinia quinquefaria to prevent kangaroos and rabbits feasting on our new plantings.

We had some major plumbing problems this week. Our grey water line became blocked and one of the drainage pipes, under the house, split. Fortunately we have a very reliable plumber, based in Armidale, who repaired and cleared the line in an hour or so.

One afternoon a mob of 15 Grey Kangaroos hopped past the house. This is the largest mob that we have seen for some time.

Speaking of wildlife, three flocks of White-eared Choughs flew past during the week. Two flocks flew from east to west whilst the other travelled in the opposite direction. There were about 15 birds in each flock. Probably one was returning from a western excursion. Choughs have a territory that may be as large as 1000 hectares.

We have a Eucalyptus cladocalyx nana (Dwarf Sugar Gum) that is covered in flowers. This specimen has been flowering profusely for many weeks.

This week we bought 10 kilograms of Iron Sulphate. Sometimes our tubed Grevilleas and Hakeas have yellow foliage which indicates an iron problem. Iron sulphate sprinkled on the soil surface remedies the problem. In future we will include the chemical in our potting mix. The 10 kg cost $32. If bought in the smaller 500 gram packets 10 kg would have cost $187.


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