Week 4 February 2013: Rain = 24 millimetres

This week a relative spent a few days at Yallaroo. An enjoyable time was has by all.

On a trip to Armidale we purchased a ground covering form of Darwinia citriodora. One of the supermarkets has plants in round tubes at reasonable prices. Of course we selected a plant with good growth and plenty of cutting material.

We have a cultivar Eucalyptus pulverulenta called “Baby Blue”. Last year it flowered for the first time and this week the branches were becoming covered with blooms again. This is a handsome, if somewhat straggly plant, with attractive grey foliage. The large cream flowers are a bonus.

Also flowering this week were two exotic waterlilies in our big pond. The flowers are pink and this is their first flowering. The large waterlily leaves shade the water and often frogs rest on them. Whilst speaking of frogs. Our other pond has seven rafts of frog spawn floating on the surface. We are happy to see that frogs are using the facilities that we provide for them.

A few months ago we bought a bedraggled Waratah (Telopea sp) from the nursery section of a hardware store for $5. This week we noticed that both stems, of the plant, are carrying buds.

This week we managed to plant 13 tubes in a garden bed west of the house. This garden had been taken over by a very large Acacia diphylla that was blocking our view. After removing the tree we have room for more plants. This time we are planting smaller shrubs that will not block our view. Branches of the Acacia diphylla were cut up for firewood. We also dug up an area ready for planting east of the house.

Our beans are producing well and are picked every second day. Beans are one of the best producing vegetables that we grow.
New on the Site: Hymenosporum flavum, Melaleuca tortifolia and Scaevola striata 


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