Week 4 February 2011:  Rain = 12 millimetres.

The planting total for this week = 79. The planting total for February = 167

This week we potted on struck cuttings of Eriostemon and Correa Bicheno.

All our Bursaria spinosa, Blackthorn, are in full flower. This is a species that has regenerated in large numbers since stock were removed from Yallaroo.

We moved a number of sheets of corrugated iron to new areas of our garden. The iron is used as an organic herbicide. The iron blankets the ground and kills the grass and weeds. This gives us a blank canvas when we plant. We now have an extensive area ready for planting.

One morning we sighted a male Carpenter Bee visiting the flowers on one of our Westringias. They are native bees and about the size of blowflies. Males are iridescent blue and the females iridescent green.

We had a very interesting walk around the garden this week. We found a number of planted Eucalypts with either flowers, buds or a mix of both.  Eucalyptus caesia and E. gregsoniana have buds whilst E. cladocalyx nana, E. kitsoniana and E. landsdowneana are carrying both buds and flowers.

New on the Site: Correa Green Dream, Haemodorum planifolium, Thryptomene calycina and Xerochrysum bracteatum.  


Garden Diary