Week 4 February 2010: No rain recorded this week.

Some communication problems were solved this week. Firstly we kept losing our satellite broadband access. We contacted Activ8 our IPS and they dispatched a new send/receive unit to Willing Electronics in Inverell. Lyn Willing came out and replaced the unit. Everything works well since then. He also solved our lack of mobile phone access problem. Lyn had the same model mobile as ours. His was connected to an external antenna mounted on the bonnet of his car. We connected our mobile to the antenna and lo and behold we had access with two bars. Our next step is to buy an antenna.

On Sunday we went to the Armidale Markets and of course bought some plants. People from the Bilby Blooms Nursery come to the markets and they sell an interesting and unusual range of native plants. Among others we purchased Mirbelia dilatata, Eucalyptus nutans and Correa Kiss Me Kate.

On Friday we travelled to Inverell, about 100 kilometres from Yallaroo. Best Employment has taken over the State Forest Nursery in Inverell and Friday was the official opening. We gave a small speech and Richard Torbay; our local State Member planted a Eucalypt. The nursery is well set-up and will have a retail section, provide plants for regeneration projects as well as training in horticulture.

On the way home we collected some cutting material from a roadside population of Acacia leptoclada, the Tingha Golden Wattle. This is a small wattle, native to the Inverell area, with bipinnate foliage and bright yellow spring flowers.


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