Week 4 February 2009: The first day of the week saw the continuation of our stay at Gosford with family members. During the morning we did some construction work on a retaining wall. When moving some bricks we uncovered a large Funnel Web Spider. One of our mottos is: “if you see a spider that’s big and black then stand well back.”

In the afternoon we went to the beach. Our family surfed and we had a leisurely walk along the beach.

The next day we travelled back home. On the way we visited the State Forest Nursery at Muswellbrook. Plants were purchased including two forms of Melaleuca fulgens. One has apricot flowers and the other has purple blooms. Podocarpus Bluey and various Western Australian mallee eucalypts.

We were very pleasantly surprised on our arrival home. There was 111 millimetres in the rain gauge. Our house tank was full and the gardens had appreciated the rain.

There was a problem with our irrigation pump. A new non-return valve solved the fault. All the tubes, in our plastic house, had survived and thrived.

Later in the week we had four metres of soil delivered. This will be used in our four vegetable rings.

There are four Hakea drupacea (previously Hakea suaveolens) in our gardens. These were planted about six years ago and this week we found that all specimens were carrying buds for the first time. This Hakea has sweetly scented, white flowers.

We collected rocks and placed them in two of our vegetable rings. They will improve drainage and less soil will have to be used in the rings. There will be about 40 centimetres depth of soil in each ring.

We found developing buds on one of our young Banksia spinulosa plants. This plant has only been in the ground for about two years.

We found time to place all the gravel in our new aquarium. The next step will be to fill the tank with water and introduce plants and fish.


Garden Diary